Hanging By A Thread

It’s not our democracy entirely but is it to some degree, it a sense of humor.  I can recall back in the 70’s & 80’s people weren’t so uptight on every little.  Like with jokes, comedy gigs or even the use sex appeal by question, what the hell happened.  Other countries around the world has a sense of humor that aren’t so easily offended.

Classic Pie In The Face
This is big in many countries around the globe.

For instance in Japan they have sploshing gags like this image showcased here.  No big deal a cute model taking a pie in the face very funny & entertaining.  In the Untied States someone or group might get uptight about it.  Because they feel it’s sexist to women.  You would find humor like this on variety shows back in the day.  My photography & video works is trying to right the wrong in the way of thinking in having a sense of humor & mix it up with little adult erotica.

Get A Sense Of Humor In A P.C. World
There Are Much More Things To Worry About Besides This!

This image says it all, get a sense of humor or lose it in this entirely.

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