The Preferred Ones

Why does gentleman prefer them?  Are they really that fun?

Piece By Piece on 01-17-20


Helping Others In Business
Number 1 never helps number 2 in business sad.

Nothing much still putting the pieces together for exposure & donations.  Check out my portfolio page on Viewbug.

Fun & Sex Appeal In Sports

I would like mix two things that goes great together or what used to go together before political correctness. Mainly involving good looking women.

I Don’t Do Pies

She looks like a “A-list” model & she has a sense of humor about getting messy so why not you ladies.

Getting Mooned!

Fun projects with images of the moon coming soon, these are real cool close up of the moon.

Morning Miracles

First themed photo set of 2020, hopefully to come with your help.

Photography Styles I Don’t Do

Check my about page, you’ll see the styles of images I will not do in photography. I’m open to a lot of subjects, but I do have limits on certain styles.