Can You Have Fun With Yourself?

That’s kind of a weird question, but it’s a straight forward one.  Lots of models both male & female mainly female are afraid to have fun with certain subjects of shoots.  Most want to focus on being a serious model working in top modeling magazines & runways.  Adult photographers are viewed as being under the rug & are shunned.  We like to work in niche market away from the “socially acceptable” crowd.  Regular socially acceptable photographers do what they feel, while the rest of us do what we love.  As shown down below.


Ladies You Could Be A Jewel

When a photographer can find a female model or actress love to flaunt what they have you have a gem.  Lots of women are afraid to be that model that has nothing to hide.  I respect a woman who’s totally open minded in doing photographic work in the nude.  They feel there body is an open canvas that’s open to express on.  When you have a female model that loves to explore the possibilities different ideas totally naked you have something.  Don’t waste it, but be professional first as always.



Looking Like A Crown Jewel

From my last post of “Finally New For 2021” come this posting of my returning model now “Coralyn Jewel”.  Since 2010 she has done a lot of her career, stuff that I didn’t even know about.  Yes she an adult film actress, but she’s also an author & life coach for singles & couples in relationships.  Coralyn Jewel did a shaving cream photo shoot for me nearly 2 weeks ago that I’m currently doing editing on that will be available soon for sale on this site & other places on the internet.  Here’s a small taste of the shaving cream photo set that will be available soon.  If this inspires you to want be model for my website please send an e-mail.  Enjoy!

Finally New For 2021

Hopefully things are finally turning around for me to do new photo shoots.  Remember from my last posting about “Coralyn Jewel”?  Well she did a photo shoot almost 2 weeks showcasing beautiful MILF to grace my website.   It’s been around close to 11 years since she modeled for me, I’m lucky to have her back with many more shoots hopefully to come.  Oh she’s also has her own website if you want to know more about her right here.  “”