New Works Of Photographic Art

In addition to my new page just added, I’ve more photographic works of art that I hope you’ll enjoy & spread the word about.  I’ve taken more of my favorite images mainly Coralyn Jewel & made some really cool works of art.  I’m proud in what I’ve put to together & would be worthy of any art studios or even your own home.  Just check out my own masterpieces & you can get 4 of them for just a $25 donate to help me build back up my photography business.  Here’s a sample of my work below that would be joy to have & here on this page. Photographic Artwork Part 2

Artistic Freedom
The American 50’s Pin-Up Housewife (12)


Two New Pages To My Photo Store

The first new page added is of my former model Angel Rose is a very colorful bath towel & shower cap.  This is the first part of a series of her having fun with shaving cream as she turns herself into a shaving cream goddess.   If you love women having fun with shaving cream this is for you, especially if you like to see a woman with a shaving cream beard.     It’s glamour humor at it’s finest. Here’s a sample below & here on Angel Rose The Shaving Cream Goddess


Women With Beards
Angel Rose Shaving Goddess With Tattoos


A Somber Earth Day Today

Yes, as I’m typing my latest blog posting it’s “Earth Day”, to help us be aware of the planet.  Yet today is a very somber day for me personally, but it’s also the very same that my mother passed away.  She helped me in believing in myself as much as possible.  A beautiful person that I continue to miss & will forever miss, I will keep on thinking of the happy times.  It’s 3 years to this very day she left me & my brothers & one sister, we press on with our lives as she wanted.

A Somber Earth Day
The Third Anniversary Of My Mother’s Passing.

Expanded My Photo Store With New Page

I’ve added another page to my photo store that I hope you’ll like & maybe give a donation.  It’s entitled “Everyday Housewife Collection Part 1” & it’s in black & white a.k.a. monochrome.  It’s Coralyn Jewel as an everyday housewife with one big difference.  She’s totally naked to everyday household stuff making it interesting & eye appealing.  This is new page under my photo store with new pages to added at any page.  Check it out now & choose 4 of your favorite images for just $25 through my Stripe pay link like this one. Here’s the link enjoy. Everyday 50’s Nude Housewife

The Glory Days Of Nudity
Butt Shot Of The 50’s Nude Housewife