Will You Let A Sense Of Humor Die In The Country?

A message with everything being some polarized with one political party out to destroy everything we take for granted, we need something now more than ever.   Actually two things in a photographer prospective in any case the main thing is “A SENSE OF HUMOR”.  It’s doesn’t have to die because of certain groups are making everything so damn sensitive.  Yes I understand some things can be offensive to some, but have to know your audience.  That’s a whole different blog post for another time.  I do have photographic artwork that you can purchase to help keep it breathing like this one.

Artistic Freedom
Oh No My Beauty Secret


A.I. Artist Inspiration

it’s a shame that a lot of people can’t see the unique styles of certain artists either by paint or photograph.  So why do the naysayers love to our work down as artists?  Simple there minds are very closed even with artists with painting a portrait to photographers with prints.  This my artist inspiration I’ve put together that keeps me going when others wish I just go.  You know other artists from years past were mocked, ignored & told that they were wasting there time. The same goes for photographers in this day & age. And I’m going through the same thing now in every angle. Oh yeah they became famous down the road. Remember me!



Artistic Expression
Unity Of Artistic Expression In Nudity

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Two New Websites Featuring My Images

I’m mentioned in my late posting that I would be adding 2 new websites that will feature my images for sale.  The one is “Big Cartel”.  Check it out right here on https://www.worthemuniquephotoart.bigcartel.com.  The second one is through “Shopify” where I also have The website of  “My Shopify” website is https://a81341.myshopify.com/.  I hope you’ll like them enough to spread the word about it so I can hopefully add more of my images & works of art created from my images like this one below.


Making Up A Jewel
Beautiful Big Boobs Beauty Beard

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