Feet Of Democracy

These collage images are the feet of a beuatiful blonde model named Connie Sims.  She did a photo & video shoot for me a few years back.  These red, white & blue toenails serves as a reminder for one very important thing.  If you care about this country, the freedom to do whatever you want, who to marry & achieve the American dream you must do this.  Vote Democrat!  It’s a must now, I’ve voted & done my part you must to yours.

Halloween 2022

Are you wondering what Ms. Klum is going to be for Halloween?  I hope she doesn’t disappoint, but in the mean time I’m in the Halloween spirit.  I’ve created a series of collages with a Halloween to them that you can check on my “Viewbug” page,  “https://www.viewbug.com/member/lworthemphotos“. Here’s a taste of my halloween collages that you’ll find on my Viewbug page among others.



This Is Not For Halloween…It’s Our Democracy Stake

This is posting is a very important one if you live in the Untied States.  I hate to single out an entire political party, but here it is.  Republicans will stop nothing to keep people from voting.  Will they want to total power over everyone & everything.  If you believe in fairness for everyone, your choice to choose whatever path you want to lead in your life, then you must vote DEMOCRAT!  Maybe this image I’ve created will drive the point home.

democracy warning
What Will Happen If You Vote Out Of Fear.

First Posting In 2 Months

Sorry for not posting in my blog for the last 2 months, busy with a lot of personal stuff.  In any case this is my first posting back & I hope to be more frequent with my posting.  Halloween is coming time to take some images of women wearing very sexy & revealing costume.  I’ve done a series of collages with a halloween theme as of late that I hope you’ll enjoy with this post.