My Christmas In July

I don’t know how the term of “Christmas In July” got started so I’ll just run with it.  If you go to my “Download & Gallery Store” you’ll see downloadable prints & framed images of images that are very popping.  More Christmas themed images with be added throughout this month.  Again more of the images downloadable or wall framed images will of adult mature audience content, will throw in different style of image to mix it up.  Merry “Early” Christmas In July.

Guess What's Under The Mistletoe

Updates To Pages

I’ve made some updates on some of my pages that I know you’ll interesting & insightful.  I’ve some samples images to the following page to show I’m for real in what I do.  My “Homepage, About Page, For Hire Page & Photo Licensing Page” have been updated.  They feature samples of my work that I can do for you if you hire my services.  Plus is your interested in photo licensing my work on a non exclusive basis you can check them out.   I do photography in different genre & styles, but I am a adult nude photographer.

Coralyn And In The City
Coralyn Jewel Infused Within Metropolis

At The Half Century Mark

If you have been following my blog posts I’ve talked about turning the big “5-0”.  Thank you God I’ve made it even with financial problems trying to get this off the ground.  The type of photography I do is mostly nude photography. I also do different genre of photography,  I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy photographing adult male & female models during everything from the mundane to the absolutely totally weird in the nude.  I probably would celebrated in most part of free uninhabited countries who isn’t uptight about every little thing.  Check out my “About” to get to know me.  Also check out my professional portfolio page by clicking this link.

Worthem Productions L.L.C.