Nudity Unity

People & certainly political groups want to dictate what they feel is freedom of expression.  Sadly this is not with words, but guns & violence.  These people & groups say that are for freedom, as long as you agree with them no compromises. This has also spilled into artistic expressions involving nudity in photography & video.  Photo & video artists such as myself have heavy anxieties over on what’s going on the Untied States today because of control freaks.  Without rambling on & on this image is the best way to put it all in focus…hopefully.

Artistic Expression
Unity Of Artistic Expression In Nudity

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2023 What Will Happen Photography Speaking???

Well with me I hope to have much better year with exposure, doing shoots & getting my photographic work out in the open.  Hopefully with more adult social media website that will allow me showcase what I have to offer. I hopefully I will fare better this year.  I’m very talented that’s not in question.  It’s the matter getting out there & getting it respected.  I hope to do more blog posting this year & find new adult female & male models willing to do just about anything in nude.  If you believe artistic expression & freedom drop me a line & we’ll talk.  I will have webcam conferencing soon.  Happy Belated New Year & Oh I recently won a “GEM” award for this masterpiece with Viewbug.  #lworthemphotos

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