My Photo Store Powered Through Stripe

Please check out my new photo store by clicking on the top of the page on the right hand side.  There you will see some of my photographic artwork & images this can be yours 4 of them to be exact.  How can you take advance of this offer?  Just a one time payment of $25 you can choose any 4 images each one has a title.

All have to do is choose the 4 images you like after paying $25 & they will be sent to your e-mail as a digital download purchase.   These images for mature audiences over 18 of course, more images will be added soon.  Coming soon photographic images & artwork of different genre not related to nudity with there on own pages within my store.  Click on “L.W. Photo Store” & click on “Lamond Worthem Photography Stripe PayLink”  Here’s the link my main store page. L.W. Photo Store Main Beginning Page

Purple Powered
Pretty Purple Power

My Madness

Sorry again for another late posting to my blog, still having a lot of B.S. going on in my personal life.  My madness currently I’m not getting any fanfare & revenue going for my photographic artwork.  I know my work in good & what I do is unique & different, I love what I do.  Hopefully with this pandemic turning the tide, maybe I will be some much need love for my images.  My 50th birthday is coming hopefully soon & just maybe if you check out my photo store here, you’ll see what I mean about my work being good.  I will be making a another post hopefully a little more quicker next time around.  Remember those in Ukraine, they are fighting to keep what we take for granted, at least for now with political correctness & cancel culture going crazy.

Ukraine Unityy
They are fight for what we are taking for granted.