A Superstar Rising

I have a professional portfolio on Viewbug here Worthem’s Viewbug Page

Here is where I currently have over 7,900 peer & editor awards plus in 2 other categories & climbing.  Even though my main areas are in nude, fetish & erotica photography I do other photo subjects.  If you click to my Viewbug page link you’ll see over 3,500 images.  I joined back in October 2017 & have continued there ever since.  Oh I’ve received a “Super Star” honor to show you that I’m for real & so is my work.   Please don’t be on the fence on my work any longer because more new pages will be added here shortly.  Please donate to get the ball rolling I stand behind what I take & what I create.  Thank you.

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Coming Up 50

In around a week & a half God willing I will celebrate a milestone. It’s will be a year around celebration for me & my work.  I will turn 50 year old & I’m blessed to see the first 49 years. Even with what I’m going through with now financially.   I would be happy to hear & see your well for this special day coming on June 22nd.  My gift from all of us is for you to make a successful photographer.  Even with me in my niche market of nude photography there is an audience for me, I hope you’ll make it happen.

The Big "5-0"
The Big “5-0” On June 22nd!