Two More Additions Coming Shortly

I have a new page that will start very shortly where I’m selling my photographic artwork creations.  It’s Big Cartel I’m starting off with 5 masterpieces than will add on depending on how popular it gets.  The second item to be added shortly I hope is “WooCommerce”. You’ll be able just like with “Big Cartel” to buy digital photographic images created by me.  I should have these set up by the end of the weekend.  Oh on “Big Cartel” I will be running a special promotion on buying $75 could yourself into a photographic masterpiece.  I will explain on my next posting.


Chocolate Covered Woman
This Image Won Best Spring 23 Award On

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Artists Shunned Part 2

From my last posting I mentioned about artists, performance artists & photographers getting the cold shoulder from mainstream public.  Especially when it comes to nudity in any form in the Untied States, more on that in moment.  I’ve also done research on famous  actors & actresses “yes I said actresses” & singers that are famous now weren’t for quite a while. Now going back to nudity it’s below artistic, freedom expressions & right now I hate to say this in the Untied States we lost are way.  We can thank republicans, sensitive groups, “me too” groups, but that’s a different posting in itself for later.   That’s why tapping into the foreign markets are the way to good.

American Jewel
Coralyn Jewel Infused In The American Flag

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Artists Shunned Part 1

I’ve did some research over the internet & Googled some famous people who are shunned & screwed over at the beginning.  Some of these people are future successful inventors, business people & even entertainers.  Everything is put at a premium now & your expected to be successful right out the gate.  The one thing I had to accept that still gets me to this day is waiting.  The waiting game is a game I’ve played too damn long.  For an artist whether it be by painting, performance art or photography it difficult.  I’ve explain that on the next blog post.  In the meantime open up your mind if narrow to this photographic pop art masterpiece.

Bad Ass Ink Art
A Tattooed Beauty With Shaving Cream

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