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Photo licensing on a non exclusive basis for magazines, t-shirts, humorous products, etc.   I’m open to proposals as long as they reasonable to my liking. Pricing & commission will be decision through e-mail.  Again all images will be on non exclusive basis besides a special circumstances. Furthermore please view my marketable at the web address below.

I do very interesting photos that are different & unique that doesn’t follow the normal path of adult photography in erotica, fetish & nude photography because I dare to be different when every other photographer is either afraid to or don’t want to hurt there careers.  Most want touch me because I don’t follow the same path.  It’s about artist freedom & expression of your work.

I’m worth more than thousand at

If you are interested in using some of my images, have questions about my style in adult photography just send me an email & I will do the best I can to address it. Email here: &/or

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