Can Photographers Feel Safe In 2021?

Well it depends on a lot of factors primarily where you go & do.  Some photo journalists still have that lingering thought in there minds on doing photography that involves political issues that might put them in danger.   In some places around the world it can be scary to do your job in the Untied States.  For photo artists like myself we kind of fall in the same category.   As I stated before I do different kind of photography subjects & some that I don’t do.   Hopefully with new leadership coming our way maybe we can start to feel at ease in what we all doing.  Of course no matter what we stall have the haters that gets offended by every little thing.  I say let them talk & let them hate.  It’s our photography, our way.  GET THAT!

Blue Mooned
Beautiful Butt In Blue

Hoping For A Better “Nude” Year

This year was a year to forget & never to be thought of again, actually the last 4 years.  Freedom of the press & privacy on the web has been under attack & artists as a whole have suffered greatly.  Myself included because the ongoing pandemic artists business wise has suffered.  Donations to generate business to keep us going has dried.  Loans were like doors to us slammed in face to those who really needed.  So what do we do as photographic artists do?  Hope for a better year in 2021, we have no where to go up.  Especially for the kind of photography I do, I’m hoping for the best in 2021.  Happy Nude Year…eh that’s Happy New Year!