What To Be Thankful For

Let’s face it this year has been a very bad year hands down.  Having something that’s could of been totally unavoidable that has put a huge halt in our lives.  After all that we’ve been through & still going through I have something to be thankful for.  Actually a lot to be thankful, first of all my health & strength to live my daily life.  Second to be able to make somewhat of living, but working make my dream into a reality.  Third to able to vote with many others before me that have died for that right for me & others to do what we want as a career.  I’ve had many roadblocks thrown in front of me & still do have them, but I can’t let that stop from doing what I love to do.  The kind of photography that most people don’t have a very open mind about. Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

Who Has More Fun?
The Age Old Questions On What Gentlemen Prefer

Getting Your Humor Back In Photography

In the 60’s through about the late 80’s people weren’t so uptight about certain that were actually funny.  Comics felt free to express there opinions in jokes & satire shows.  Photography in humor was expressed in images from risque to x-rated humor.  Being  overly sensitive has pretty much left it on life support. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We are the butt of a lot of jokes oversees of us being so uptight.  There is a way to bring some normalcy back to humor without trampling on others rights.  Simply “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE”  For those who are offended on certain things, please remember turn the other direction get in your comfort zone.  Please don’t infringe on the rights of others they may see things in a different prospective.  Don’t be frighten, enlighten.

Congratulations America!

Well we did what we needed to do & we’ve done it in the Untied States.  Most of the world are proud of what we just did, I know I feel good for the moment.  As a photographer I can breathe a little easy about doing what I love.  The press should also breathe a little easier doing there jobs.  I’m an adult photographer looking to for my huge break in a niche photography market.  Yes most individuals or companies probably won’t take a chance in the kind of photography I do, there’s someone there that will.  Congratulations America!

Worth More Than A Thousand
A Beautiful Blonde Holding The Flag.