Over 3,000 & Growing

I’ve been doing photography mainly as a hobby for a long time.   As years went by I’ve taking images of a lot of subjects.  I didn’t just say “Hey Let’s Do Photography”.  No it took a while to decide what I really wanted to do in my life.   When I came close to graduation 2 careers came to mind computers & photography.  Computers was the front runner because it was the big thing at that time.  Photography became just a hobby, but now that has changed.

Brunette Portrait
I’m Worth Than A Thousand

I started to do more in photography with glamour photos to start then I had an idea to kick it up a bit.   So I started to do nude, fetish & erotica photography in my 20’s.  If have seen my work & most of you haven’t, I’ve added humor into my three main areas of photography.  I still do other photography subjects of course, but I’m an adult photographer that do nudes erotica & fetish photography.  Wanna see why I’m over 3,000 awards in my images in different subjects?

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Where Is November?

This year in the Untied States is something real is very important. Our way of life in all aspect are at stake & I’m not just talking photography. Our way of everyday life is a risk by certain someone that shouldn’t have been voted in there in the first place. Yet there are people have there heads stuck up there butts that don’t want to listen to actually facts.  An individual in the Untied States is free to think how they want of course.  The only difference is that many lives & freedom is at risk.

To a certain political party in the United States have no ideas on anything & knows it.  So what do you do to combat it what else suppress it which is an insult to are principles.  Attacking freedom of expression makes the lives of people who use it make a living more difficult.  This political party sees RED & the hell with everyone else who opposes them. These images sums up everything.


Hanging By A Thread

It’s not our democracy entirely but is it to some degree, it a sense of humor.  I can recall back in the 70’s & 80’s people weren’t so uptight on every little.  Like with jokes, comedy gigs or even the use sex appeal by question, what the hell happened.  Other countries around the world has a sense of humor that aren’t so easily offended.

Classic Pie In The Face
This is big in many countries around the globe.

For instance in Japan they have sploshing gags like this image showcased here.  No big deal a cute model taking a pie in the face very funny & entertaining.  In the Untied States someone or group might get uptight about it.  Because they feel it’s sexist to women.  You would find humor like this on variety shows back in the day.  My photography & video works is trying to right the wrong in the way of thinking in having a sense of humor & mix it up with little adult erotica.

Get A Sense Of Humor In A P.C. World
There Are Much More Things To Worry About Besides This!

This image says it all, get a sense of humor or lose it in this entirely.

As An Adult Photographer

As an adult photographer I feel to express my love for photography.  Even though my style is primarily toward nude, erotica & fetish photography.  I also feel that what I do is under attack by those who refuse to have an open mind about it.  With an election this year which is the most important in years.

Express Your Vote
Vote For Democracy Not The Other Way Around

Many people in power want to suppress your vote many reasons.  Our way of life as free thinking Americans is under attack.  By getting suckered into something that’s not true make it worst.  As an artist & American it’s very important to express my photographic freedom.  Even if closed minded disapprove.  This image here says it best in our current environment.