What A Donation Means For A Photographer?

To answer your question not a lot of places will waste there time on you.  Banks, financial companies or even your family will issue you a loan.  I’ve been doing a photography self taught for over 30 years.  I have 2 photography portfolios of my work to prove it.  All you have to do it check it out.

Donate In Troubled Times
Photography Is A Business Must For Expression

Photographic artists are business essentials when banks & financial companies think otherwise.  Just check out my work on this site & my other portfolio sites that showcases my images.  Please donate $10 to help me build on a dream of doing adult, fetish & erotica photography as a career.


Fetish Photographer For Hire

The adult fetish world there are lots of fetishes.  Like for example “sploshing” is the art of getting wet & messy.  You can google “sploshing” & check it out for yourself.  The point is that where there’s a fetish to be photographed there is a fetish photographer near by yours truly.

Here are some of the examples of the types of fetish that I do that are a lot of fun.  There are some fetishes that I will do & some I won’t do.  If you are an individual or an adult fetish production & would like to know what I’ll photograph?  Please send me an e-mail & explain your fetish.


Adult Photographer For Hire Part 2

I’ve touched on in my last posting about nude photography & offering my services to show you that you have nothing to hide about what you do in the nude.  Open minded adults have often wondering what it would be like to work or enjoy pretty much anything in the nude.  Most photographers do simple boring portraits with dressed up clients.

I like to make my adult portraits eye popping, interesting & erotic.  Like with some of my examples you see here.  Your probably wondering there any adult photographers that will actually take adult nude portraits.  Well you found one that can be professional & make shoots very interesting that you can make it to be.

Adult Photographer For Hire

I’m a semi-professional photographer with over 30 years of experience.  I’m self taught & always willing to learn new & exciting ways to make my work more appealing to others.   I do many kinds of photography subjects, but I have a love for 3 specific ones.  Nude , fetish & erotica photography.

Why should a man or woman be so sensitive about being nude?  Society at large wants you to believe being naked unacceptable.   It’s not & that’s where my website comes in.   I will discuss that on my next blog post.


Welcome to LamondWorthem.com

This entire & website is strictly for anyone over the age of 18 anywhere, anyplace & anytime from around the world. This website is about everything & anything about my work & showcasing others from time to time in 3 of my main photography genre.  Nude, erotica & fetish photography.  If you are offended by this blog or my whole website in general please leave it at once.

You must be comfortable with adult nudity male & female over 18 in all of it’s forms.   There will be a new post here once a week or every two weeks with news, information & photos about my work plus other stuff that arouses my interest to post.    Hope you enjoy what you see here because I’m “Worth More Than A Thousand!”