Another Valentines In The Books

Well another Valentine’s day has come & gone, no big whoop for this year for obvious reasons.  Me personally it’s the most depressing time of the year.  Many celebrate with there true loves with flowers & heart shaped boxes of chocolate.  It’s just another day on the calendar for me, the one thing that gets me through that day is photography.  Keeping my eye on the prize in making my dream come true is my Valentine’s day present.  Capturing me love in adult photography & it’s my many genre around is are my flowers & boxes of chocolates.  Love can do wonders & is very powerful, but it also bites & it can suck too.




A Beautiful Jewel

She’s an international best selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, model & retired adult actress.  She’s also a lovely fetish model for that’s featured on this very site.  Her name is Coralyn Jewel, a person of many talents who’s done a gold photo shoot for me in the past.   Did I mention that she does a little “Hanky Pankie” on the side?  She hosts a podcast that is becoming very popular called “Hanky Pankie”  Please be sure to check her out on along with her sites below on this blog post.  Coralyn Jewel will be doing a special photo shoot this coming month so watch out.  Please visit her websites below & show her some love.

Coralyn Jewel Website

Coralyn Jewel’s Hanky Pankie Podcast Page


Different Types Of People For Shoots Part 2

Continuing from my last post on this subject many photographers deal with men & women in the matter of being naked for a photo shoot,  With me I just don’t look for a model that will just bare all. I look for a female & in some cases a male models who’s willing to do just about anything in nude & have fun with it.  If you ever get lucky in find a female or male model that will do just that you hang on to them & present them with your ideas.  I might not hit it out of the park sometimes, but you want to show you models that you are just as excited in wanting to do more shoots & maybe they’ll get other aboard,  After this health crisis starts to go down of course, please stay safe until then please send me an e-mail.

Worthem Productions L.L.C.
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Different Types Of People For Shoots Part 1

When you are an adult photographer you hope you can work with all kinds of personalities of people.  Especially working with woman because you might all of the sudden have one say well I don’t know if I feel comfortable with that. I’m direct in what I need my male & female subjects to do in adult shoots & if aren’t with it well “NEXT”.   Modest women can be bad news because of hang ups & prissy attitudes.  It wouldn’t be a great experience for the photographer or models to have the situations.  Then you have those both male & female that are down right prudes about adult modeling because someone they want might see in a light that they don’t to seen in.  Really…you should never ask about doing a shoot that involves nudity.  Check part 2 of this interesting topic.

Worthem Productions L.L.C.
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Can Photographers Feel Safe In 2021?

Well it depends on a lot of factors primarily where you go & do.  Some photo journalists still have that lingering thought in there minds on doing photography that involves political issues that might put them in danger.   In some places around the world it can be scary to do your job in the Untied States.  For photo artists like myself we kind of fall in the same category.   As I stated before I do different kind of photography subjects & some that I don’t do.   Hopefully with new leadership coming our way maybe we can start to feel at ease in what we all doing.  Of course no matter what we stall have the haters that gets offended by every little thing.  I say let them talk & let them hate.  It’s our photography, our way.  GET THAT!

Blue Mooned
Beautiful Butt In Blue

Hoping For A Better “Nude” Year

This year was a year to forget & never to be thought of again, actually the last 4 years.  Freedom of the press & privacy on the web has been under attack & artists as a whole have suffered greatly.  Myself included because the ongoing pandemic artists business wise has suffered.  Donations to generate business to keep us going has dried.  Loans were like doors to us slammed in face to those who really needed.  So what do we do as photographic artists do?  Hope for a better year in 2021, we have no where to go up.  Especially for the kind of photography I do, I’m hoping for the best in 2021.  Happy Nude Year…eh that’s Happy New Year!

Why Must Photographers Follow The Norm

I’ve seen a lot of different photographs from photographers over the years.  Most fine art photographers of regular photo genre like landscapes, wedding, portraits just to name to few.  Nothing wrong with that, but that pretty much mundane they do what works especially for the clients bottom line.  I like to put a different spin to that with the kind of photography I do.  Most photographers in the fine art photography are timid about turning to page in doing something unique & eye popping.   They say artists sometimes have to suffer for there craft, sadly currently that’s me because is willing to come out of there shells & see what bold photographers have to offer.  Hey just get over your hang ups & start to open up to artists in photography who wants to push the envelope in nude, erotic & fetish photography.  IT WON’T BITE!

What To Be Thankful For

Let’s face it this year has been a very bad year hands down.  Having something that’s could of been totally unavoidable that has put a huge halt in our lives.  After all that we’ve been through & still going through I have something to be thankful for.  Actually a lot to be thankful, first of all my health & strength to live my daily life.  Second to be able to make somewhat of living, but working make my dream into a reality.  Third to able to vote with many others before me that have died for that right for me & others to do what we want as a career.  I’ve had many roadblocks thrown in front of me & still do have them, but I can’t let that stop from doing what I love to do.  The kind of photography that most people don’t have a very open mind about. Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

Who Has More Fun?
The Age Old Questions On What Gentlemen Prefer

Getting Your Humor Back In Photography

In the 60’s through about the late 80’s people weren’t so uptight about certain that were actually funny.  Comics felt free to express there opinions in jokes & satire shows.  Photography in humor was expressed in images from risque to x-rated humor.  Being  overly sensitive has pretty much left it on life support. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We are the butt of a lot of jokes oversees of us being so uptight.  There is a way to bring some normalcy back to humor without trampling on others rights.  Simply “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE”  For those who are offended on certain things, please remember turn the other direction get in your comfort zone.  Please don’t infringe on the rights of others they may see things in a different prospective.  Don’t be frighten, enlighten.