The Counting To 50 Beginning Now

I had an okay birthday, it would of been really nice if I had well wishers.  Well I’m not worried about though because I will have my day soon.  Many people who became famous for what they done started late.  Some in there 50’s & 60’s so it’s not to late.  For naysayers that want to hate what I do that don’t understand, you’ll probably never get it.  Wanna piece of my birthday cake, that’s if your not too closed minded to have a piece?

Officially One Tick Away From 50

As I’m writing this blog I’ve turned 49 year old which I’m really grateful for.  I continue to have my up & downs in life most downs currently, but I still press on.  Even though it’s really hard to break in as professional adult photographer, I don’t let that stop.  Even with me turning another in my life & with all the setbacks I have & currently do have that won’t stop me from me dream in having a photography business.  This is how I honor my mother’s legacy by fighting & having faith both very hard to do at times, but you have to have both to achieve what you are trying to achieve.  Happy 49th to me Lamond Worthem.

Woth More Than A Thousand
The Logo Of Worthem Productions L.L.C.

Pretty Pride & Some Joy

This month of June is special on a couple of fronts.  One my birthday being on the 22nd of June & the other having to do with pride.  My niece is lesbian so I know this is an important month.  We should all have pride in ourselves in general in our daily lives.  That should go for the gay, transgender & lesbian communities.  The way that they are treated by republicans & hard liners in certain cities & states is disgraceful.  Hopefully these images will be message of support.


Yellow Makes For Better Photographic Art

As I mentioned from my last few posts turning an amazing image into a work of art is so thrilling for me.  I deal with nude arts primarily with female models currently.  Using a solid colors to create sweet works of photographic art is a lot of fun & to make a living off of, if you can get it in front of the right buyer(s).  Hint, Hint.

A Morning Jewel
Model, adult actress & podcast host Coralyn Jewel in a sunshine yellow work of art.

Nudes In A Black Backdrop (2)

Black backdrops with a beautiful model bring out the professionalism in a image, especially if she’s nude.  Something about a solid black backdrop or pretty much any solid color makes an image stand out. Here’s another with my model Coralyn Jewel.

A Portrait Jewel
Model, adult actress & podcast host Coralyn Jewel