Almost Gone In Performance Arts

Back in the day we had something really special in arts.  A sense of daring, sense of excitement, a sense of humor.  Because of sensitivity most of us mainly in the Untied States are about to lose something.  I’m not talking about the election, it’s about a sense of humor & our sense of common sense.

A Message About Photo Freedom
The Camera Is Not PC, it’s the person themselves & how they go with it.

People are going to get offended in some form in performance arts.  Whether it be in music, movies or television even a photograph.  Sometimes I see stuff that bothers me, but I look the other why & press on.  We shouldn’t infringe on others, if you like it great if you don’t that’s great too.  We need to be mindful of that.  Just look at the image above that says it all.

Freedom Of Depress

Freedom of depress is how I feel sometimes. I’ve always wanted to do photograph events including nudity with conventions, car shows & list goes on.  Sadly right now that’s out the question for the obvious reasons.  Lots of us would love to have that chance, but you need something that mostly all photo journalists have.  Luckily I have them press credentials, what better way to show that your professional.

Photographer With Press Credentials
Adult Photographer With Press Credentials

I’m a member of the “International Freelance Photographers Organization”.   The press credentials with the “USPRESSCORPS.ORG” so I’m not just so shutterbug.  With attacks to photo journalists & the press in general we stand tall in any kind of photography we do & the people who write about it.  If you have an event keeping up for next year, just me an email about it.

Specialty Surprises

In the mainstream entertainment world they say big boobs are a distraction.  So for a guy with a huge package is that a distraction too?  I have eyes of an adult photographer of course not we see image gold.  There are lots of fun & interesting photo & video shoots that can be done those so called distractions.

Huge Package With Red Toenails
Showcasing A Package With Red Toe Nails

Showcasing something simple with a women with big boobs will make it more fun to view.  Guys with a huge package it can be done that way.  Sadly our society is too damn stuck to care & are afraid that they will offend certain clients.  So called distractions can turn into a good product advertisement what do you see in this blog post?  “Using A This Guy Junk Advertising Red Toenail Polish”.

In A Cubic Zirconia World

I like to consider what I do is like a diamond in the ruff.  Nude, fetish & erotica is common in the adult industry.  What I try to do is to mix it with interesting items to keen interests.  When your around a bunch of “cubic zirconias” trying bury you it’s tough.  Have you actually seen my portfolios?  Are you that stuck that up?

I Hear Something
An Adult Fetish, Erotica Photographer For Hire

A lot of people are on there high horses refusing to give the little guy or gal.   I’ve been doing photography a long time in many areas.  In some cases the adult industry is acting like the republican party, it wanted to suppress everyone out.  I understand #1 never helps #2 & vice versa.  Where just asking for platform to show what we can do.

Weird Wacky Weddings

Weird wacky wedding now most people tie the knot in a church, a chapel or in courthouse.  Well times are changing to couples to make there wedding something to remember.  For example couples getting married a bakery, grocery stores even in a restaurant of all places.  I’ve seen images of a men wearing a wedding dresses & women in a tuxedos.

I wish I had images of my own to post of that, but I have yet to do a weird wedding.  Hopefully in 2021 with your donations, exposure & word of mouth that will change.  Couples getting in costumes, body paint or jumping face first in mud in wedding attire is weird, but wondering to capture.    Will you be my first couple to be weirdly wed in 2021 for me to photograph?


Nude Weddings Part 2

On my last blog posting I’ve touched on nude weddings.  Lots of couples want there weddings to be a happy occasion with there friends & relatives in attendance.  Some couples have often wondered what it would be like to get married in the nude.

Most are embarrassed or embarrassing others on that special day.  It’s takes very open minded, spontaneous & uninhibited people to do it.  My question to is are you one of them?     If you planning on getting married & love to do it in the nude, than I’m your man.   It’s will be professional as always, but you should a little fun too.  I’m looking for my first couple to get married naked & be your photographer in 2021.


Nude Weddings

On nude weddings for many women getting married is picking out that special wedding dress supersedes everything else. For men it’s finding that special tuxedo on your last day status freedom.  So why spend all that money on a wedding dress & tuxedo.  When you can make your wedding day to day to remember.

You came into this world naked so why not get married naked.  It would save a lot of money for a dresses & tuxedos & make your wedding more interesting.  Sadly I don’t have any image to show because I’ve haven’t photographed a nude wedding.  I very much like to starting doing in 2021 with a lot word of mouth & couples willing to be naked on your special. I’ll touch on that more on my next blog post.


Presenting Yourself Literally

When do resumes for certain jobs they sometimes include photos of themselves.  Mainly professional looking photos for professional jobs.  What if your trying to get into the adult entertainment industry.   Want to make a real impression with a producer or a director?

Having eye catching image along with a resume can do the trick.  Make your words really mean something with some added incentives.  If not for an adult entertainment industry job, maybe for yourself or for that special person in your life.  You could hire my services for that very thing.

Taking A Chance To Stand Out

From my last blog post of “Daring To Be Different”, I like to do photography that’s fun & very eye popping.  I like to find female & male models that feel the same way too.  What model can say that they did a shoot where they got covered in chocolate, paint or anything else.

Like with these women did having fun & getting paid to make a mess of their  lives.  I’m not only looking to be hired by others.  I’m interested in hiring models for my projects as well.   Only the open-minded, spontaneous & uninhibited will do.   Stay tuned for my next post soon.