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This website is for any adult over the age 18. I’m a photographer for hire for adult oriented themed & non-nude photo projects.

This site is also to attract male & female talent/models over 18.   Must NOT afraid to bare all or come very close.  I do a wide range of photography projects.  Also for everyday photo projects.

In addition to attract potential clients to license my images.   Any company for there products. services &/or entertainment venue.

Check out my updated portfolio here.


My MuseCube Page https://www.musecube.com/WPHOTOS72/

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Hello my name is Lamond & I’m semi-professional photographer who been taking photographs as a hobby for over 30 years. I’m 47.

Currently I’m stuck doing machine operator work suitable for high school grads.  I’m a semi-professional photographer who looking to make this a full time career after many years.

I don’t do photography involving children, family pictures with children in them.  In addition certain animals, death, drama or anything that deadly serious.

I deal in a wide variety of photography subjects like food, aerial, sports, landscape, etc.  My main focus is adult nude, fetish & erotica photography.  I like to mix glamour, adult humor, weird & the unusual into nude & erotic photography.

Send E-mail If You Have Questions, Concerns &/or Have Information On Any Photo Conventions, Tours or Special Photography Gigs That Are On The Horizon Non Nude to Adult Related Send E-Mail To information@lamondworthem.com


Where To Contact Me, I Will Responded A.S.A.P.  Thank you so much.

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Contact E-mail Page

For Questions, Concerns, Invites Or Information On Any Upcoming Photo Shows & Convention That Appealing & Interesting Non-Nude &/or Nude  E-mail me to information@lamondworthem.com

To Hire Me For Any Photo Projects From Everyday Photo Subjects That Appeals My Interests to Nude Adult Erotica & Fetish Projects Send Me An E-mail to forhire@lamondworthem.com

From Nearly Nude to Completely Nude Any Male &/or Female Models Over 18 Interested In Photo Projects That Has No Hang-Ups Of Any Kind Please Send Me An E-mail to modelsforprojects@lamondworthem.com

If You Aren’t Easily Offended, Have An Open Mind & Have A Sense Of Humor That Interested In Not Just Buying Some Of My Work For Personal Purchase, But To Also Help Expanding My Photography Business That Can Be A Fun & Present It In Eye Popping Images.  Send Me An E-mail to buymywork@lamondworthem.com

Any Companies That Interested In Buying Some Of Images To Use On A Various Items & Will Respect All My Rights To My Images.  Let’s Discuss It Through & What Your Proposals Are & How It Can Be Very Profitable.  Send Me An E-mail to worthemphotoswp@gmail.com