Putting The “Hallo” Into Halloween

For a lot of young kids Halloween it’s that time of all when they dress up as cartoon characters & such.  For adults back in the day not so much, they wanted there kids to have fun & go “Trick or Treat”.  Then for some it’s parties or just watch horror movies.  When I hit 13 back in 1985 I stop all doing Halloween because I was bored with it & became a teenage.   Now fast forward into 2020 now 48 years old, Halloween has some interest to me again.  Not for dressing up, but doing some real fun things with images.

Speaking of dressing up I’ve put together a sexy model dressed up a sexy goth girl I’ve paired her with a jack-o-lantern.  As a photographer this time of year brings out the creative side of me that I love to do every year.  Oh another reason why Halloween is interesting again is by a sexy German supermodel who’s got talent.

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