Everything & Anything Is On The Line

Why don’t republicans believe in everyday ordinary people?  Why because after all this time light bulbs in the minds of people are finally coming on.  With younger people voting for the first time especially.  They know that the system is wrong & the people who’s running it could give a rat’s ass about us.  I’m not speaking as an photographer right now, I’m speaking as a person who very concerned.

It’s in the news now more than ever about voters suppression in many states in the United States.  It’s should have to be this difficult to vote, the republican party knows knows they have nothing.  So what better way to kill off a democracy, simple suppress it so much that you won’t vote.  YOU CAN’T SIT THIS ONE OUT!  If you have to stand in line for hours in whatever state you are in “DO IT!”   Vote early, vote now because everything & anything is on the line.  Tell those bastards that want to suppress you to do this below.

Don't Suppress
Tell Them What They Can Do With There Suppression


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