Over 3,000 & Growing

I’ve been doing photography mainly as a hobby for a long time.   As years went by I’ve taking images of a lot of subjects.  I didn’t just say “Hey Let’s Do Photography”.  No it took a while to decide what I really wanted to do in my life.   When I came close to graduation 2 careers came to mind computers & photography.  Computers was the front runner because it was the big thing at that time.  Photography became just a hobby, but now that has changed.

Brunette Portrait
I’m Worth Than A Thousand

I started to do more in photography with glamour photos to start then I had an idea to kick it up a bit.   So I started to do nude, fetish & erotica photography in my 20’s.  If have seen my work & most of you haven’t, I’ve added humor into my three main areas of photography.  I still do other photography subjects of course, but I’m an adult photographer that do nudes erotica & fetish photography.  Wanna see why I’m over 3,000 awards in my images in different subjects?

Go here https://www.viewbug.com/member/lworthemphotos

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