Where Is November?

This year in the Untied States is something real is very important. Our way of life in all aspect are at stake & I’m not just talking photography. Our way of everyday life is a risk by certain someone that shouldn’t have been voted in there in the first place. Yet there are people have there heads stuck up there butts that don’t want to listen to actually facts.  An individual in the Untied States is free to think how they want of course.  The only difference is that many lives & freedom is at risk.

To a certain political party in the United States have no ideas on anything & knows it.  So what do you do to combat it what else suppress it which is an insult to are principles.  Attacking freedom of expression makes the lives of people who use it make a living more difficult.  This political party sees RED & the hell with everyone else who opposes them. These images sums up everything.


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