In A Cubic Zirconia World

I like to consider what I do is like a diamond in the ruff.  Nude, fetish & erotica is common in the adult industry.  What I try to do is to mix it with interesting items to keen interests.  When your around a bunch of “cubic zirconias” trying bury you it’s tough.  Have you actually seen my portfolios?  Are you that stuck that up?

I Hear Something
An Adult Fetish, Erotica Photographer For Hire

A lot of people are on there high horses refusing to give the little guy or gal.   I’ve been doing photography a long time in many areas.  In some cases the adult industry is acting like the republican party, it wanted to suppress everyone out.  I understand #1 never helps #2 & vice versa.  Where just asking for platform to show what we can do.

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