Freedom Of Depress

Freedom of depress is how I feel sometimes. I’ve always wanted to do photograph events including nudity with conventions, car shows & list goes on.  Sadly right now that’s out the question for the obvious reasons.  Lots of us would love to have that chance, but you need something that mostly all photo journalists have.  Luckily I have them press credentials, what better way to show that your professional.

Photographer With Press Credentials
Adult Photographer With Press Credentials

I’m a member of the “International Freelance Photographers Organization”.   The press credentials with the “USPRESSCORPS.ORG” so I’m not just so shutterbug.  With attacks to photo journalists & the press in general we stand tall in any kind of photography we do & the people who write about it.  If you have an event keeping up for next year, just me an email about it.

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